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Made for women

We ride to keep fit, to perform but most of all to enjoy ourselves. The speed, nature and the elements you face, companionship and much more: all these can make or break a trip. In a great-looking outfit, you’ll feel better and enjoy your ride even more. We often say: “A great ride starts with a great outfit.”

Sibillini outfits are created for women who long for more than just a basic outfit – women who want to stand out, but also to feel comfortable and confident.

The jerseys are made of high-performance materials and are form-fitting. We prefer our jerseys to create a lean silhouette, rather than to look baggy. And we pay close attention to the details. These include hidden zippers, a water-resistant pocket for fragile items and mesh panelling for extra breathability. There’s even a silicon elastic at the back of the jersey and at the end of the sleeves to prevent the fabric from creeping up.

The socks are partly made of Coolmax®. The Coolmax® fibre draws moisture away from the skin and transports it to the outer surface for maximum dryness and comfort during your ride.