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Garment care

Our laundry tips to keep your outfit looking new.

Wash your gear right away and don’t re-wear it

All of us have been guilty of this one at least once, but re-wearing your kit (even after a short ride) is never a good idea. Odour is caused by bacteria, which will still be present even if most perspiration has evaporated during your ride. If you re-wear your gear you allow odours to settle and become thoroughly embedded in the material. This means the next time round you might be… well… unpleasant to be around.

Which detergent

Use the most basic detergent you can find, without dyes, perfumes or softeners. Cycling clothes are made of high-performance fabrics designed to channel moisture away from your skin. Any residue from fancy soaps or fabric softeners will clog up the works, preventing the fabric from doing its job properly.

Low heat

We’ve all succumbed to the notion that the hotter the water, the better, especially when attempting to achieve better hygiene. The fact is, this is not the case with hi-tech athletic fabrics. It can actually have the opposite effect and drastically alter and compromise the lifetime of the outfit.

Preparing your outfit

Always make sure to close zippers before washing: they can chew up clothes faster than skidding on loose gravel. Also, make sure to turn the jersey inside out to protect the graphics. Before you wash, sort your clothes – your outfit shouldn’t be mashed in with your hard-tumbling jeans or a mess of heavy towels. They’re “delicates” and should be treated as such. Make sure to use your washing machine’s delicate cycle.

Don’t forget to check your pockets. Gels and energy snacks can make for a serious mess and ruin a beautiful jersey.

And…NEVER wash your outfit with anything that has Velcro. Velcro, just as loose zippers or fasteners, will quickly shred and destroy the delicate fabrics in your jersey.

Don’t use the dryer

Once you’re done with washing, you should always hang your outfit to air dry. Even low temperatures in the dryer may destroy the integrity of the garment and its technical components over time.